"...On his way off of the stage, Mr. Holcombe(Malcolm Holcombe) introduced a surprise guest, Miss Charity Ann.

Charity Ann is a young local singer songwriter, playing this week at the Last Concert Café, and gracing Kenny’s stage for a two tune sample of her wares, this evening. She has a strong voice with the locally familiar country blues twang, but singing in a rapid fire tempo, annunciating her words abruptly in the style of Ani de Franco. She performed her own tune “Changing” and one written by a friend for her to sing called “Quicksand”. She is a budding talent and worth checking out if you get half the chance."

James Killen

"Charity Ann, a regular at our own Last Concert Cafe, is a Joplinesque pearl. What the two woman share is their people-centric storytelling. Whether it’s “Linda Jean,”about one of her own real-life ordinary heroes, or recalling the thief that stole the “Soul of a Mad Woman,” Charity Ann also pens paeans to human beings and our joys and pains. Her guitar-playing is nimble, dexterous and an absolute bonus to everything else she’s offering."


Houston Press